Connecting to the lamps in your Group

The fun begins! 

With our Friendship Lamps, the idea is to connect to your group of friends, family or partner and then touch the sensor to send your color!

But, how do you connect?

The good news is that it's easy and it is a part of the initial setup process.

The lamps connect using a GroupID.  This is a code which was sent to you in your Order confirmation email.

This is added at the last step of the setup process and if all lamps are swirling green, but the lamps are not communicating, it suggests that there is a GroupID issue. 

Please check your GroupID and make sure that the same GroupID is entered on each lamp.

In order to check the GroupID, the lamp needs to be placed into setup mode. This can be achieved by holding down on the touch button until the lamp turns a dim red. Then you will be able to enter the setup mode using your mobile phone and change the GroupID.

If unsure, watch the Friendship Lamp setup video for easy-to-follow instructions.

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