Connecting to the lamps in your Group

The fun begins! 

With our Friendship Lamps, the idea is to connect to your group of friends, family or partner and then touch the sensor to send your color!

But, how do you connect?

The good news is that it's easy and it is a part of the initial setup process using our LuvLink App.

If this is the very first time you are setting up your lamps, one person needs to "Create a new Group" and a GroupID will automatically be generated.  This GroupID can be shared with others and when others join, they will then use, "Connect to an existing Group" in the initial setup and insert the GroupID.

If you began the group, you are the Admin and each time a new lamp is added, you will need to approve that device.  This only happens when the lamp is initially setup and you will be notified that the lamp is awaiting approval.  When the lamp is awaiting approval, it will be yellow.  Once approved, the new group member, will be able to access their settings, create their device name, choose a color and manage their own lamp.

The lamp may be yellow if your lamp is waiting for approval.  However, if this does not seem to be the issue, then also please check that the GroupID has been entered.  An empty GroupID, may also cause the lamp to be yellow.

Lamps not communicating?

The most common reason why the lamps are not communicating is because the GroupID has been entered incorrectly.

Just check that you haven't added in an extra space before or after the GroupID - and that it is entered exactly the same on each lamp.  You can check your GroupID, by clicking into the App > Settings (cog wheel) of your lamp > GroupID and make the necessary changes.

If your lamps are still not communicating, please just get in touch with the LuvLink Support team and let us know your MAC ID and GroupID and we'll help you out! 

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