What does each color mean?

Dim blue - Upon plugging the lamp into power, it will turn dim blue which means the lamp is turning on and connecting.

Dim red - When the lamp is dim red, it means that it is in WiFi setup mode and needs to be connected to the WiFi. Please follow the App Setup instructions to connect your lamp.

Dim purple - When the lamp is dim purple, it means it is downloading and installing an update. When connecting to a college WiFi, it means that the lamp needs to be registered with the school’s IT department so it can be added to the allowed devices to connect to the network.

Dim orange - When the lamp is dim orange, it means that it is connected to the WiFi, but not to the internet.

Swirling green - When the lamp goes to swirling green, it means it is successfully set up and ready to connect with the other lamp/s in the group.

Dim yellow - When the lamp is dim yellow, it means it is waiting for the group admin’s approval to join the group. The group admin is the person who established the GroupID, and they will receive a notification through email and on the app that a new lamp is requesting to join the group.

If your lamp is stuck on any other color, please check out our Troubleshooting articles for more information on how to resolve this. 

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