Sending and receiving colors is the most important feature of our Friendship Lamps and if you're having an issue, it's most likely very easy to fix.

The lamps connect using a GroupID.  This is a code which was sent to you in your Order confirmation email. If you can't find the Group ID, you can easily generate a new one here:  Generate a GroupID

When you set up your lamp, the last step is to add in your GroupID and if your lamp is not receiving or sending the color, it is most likely because there is an issue with the GroupID.  

Sometimes, a lamp may even turn on by itself - and the reason is most likely connected to the GroupID added incorrectly.

How to Check and Update the GroupID

To fix these issues, just ask all members in the group, to check that the GroupID has been added correctly (and the same) on each lamp.

In order to check the GroupID, the lamp needs to be placed into setup mode. This can be achieved by holding down on the touch button until the lamp turns a dim red. Then you will be able to enter the setup mode using your mobile phone and change the GroupID.

When you add in your GroupID - make sure that you add it carefully, without extra spaces and exactly as written. It is case sensitive and may include underscores and also numbers.  

If unsure, watch the Friendship Lamp setup video for easy-to-follow instructions.