I'm stuck on the "Credentials Saved" screen!

If you are trying to set up your lamp and you get to the "Credentials Saved" screen and it won't move forward, you might need to do a few steps to clear the data in the lamp.

Please try these steps below: 

  1.  Enter the lamps setup mode (lamp is dim red)
  2.  Connect to another WiFi network (not yours) with the password 12345678.  (This will not successfully connect due to a fake password, but we're just trying to clear the data)
  3.  On the Credentials Saved screen, please wait 10 full seconds.  (It's important to wait the full 10 seconds!)
  4. Unplug the lamp and plug it back in.
  5.  Press the back button to go back to the WiFi list.
  6.  Select your own WiFi, enter the correct password and GroupID
  7.  Press save.

That's it!   This should clear the data and allow you to set up with your own home WiFi.

If you're using a public WiFi or if you still have an issue, please just send us an email with as much information as possible. 

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