I'm stuck on the "Credentials Saved" screen!

If you are trying to set up your lamp and you get to the "Credentials Saved" screen and it won't move forward, we would recommend that you setup your lamps using our LuvLink App.

This will help you move forward and is a simpler setup.  If you have been connected to a group in the past, you can "Connect to an existing Group" in the initial setup - and add your GroupID, or you can begin again by selecting, "Create a new Group" and then sharing the new GroupID with all those in your group.  

Using the LuvLink App, you will have a range of additional features:

  • Manage dimming times
  • Set a sleep timer
  • Manage brightness
  • Have fun with an unlimited colors
  • Manage your Group
  • Join new Groups
  • Check out your Device Information

You will still send the color by touching your lamp and you can manually change colors by holding the top sensor, releasing your touch when you find the color you like,  and then tapping it to send.  So, the app is not needed each time you wish to send a color, but is helpful in making personal adjustments to your lamp.

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