What do I do if my lamp is red?

When the lamp is red, it means it is not successfully connected to WiFi.

It may be that your internet is not connected or you have changed / updated your WiFi.

If this is the case, all you'll need to do is to set up the lamp again.

Use the easy to follow instructions here:   Friendship Lamp Setup Guide

Here's a few things that would be important to check: 

  1. You have the 2.4ghz option selected on your router
  2. You have entered the correct WiFi password (remember that this is case sensitive)

If you have issues in the connection process, please try: 

  1. Using a different device to setup the lamp (use your computer or someone else's phone) and follow through with the set up instructions. 
  2. Connecting to your mobile hotspot as a test connection and then revert back to your own home WiFi.

If you're still having an issue - please just send us an email and let us know as many details as possible and exactly how far you were able to get to in the setup. 

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