Your Welcome Email

We're so excited that you're a part of the Friendship Lamp Family and as soon as your order is on the way, we send you a "Welcome" email with all of your order confirmation details. 

It contains important details such as:

  • Your order confirmation details
  • Your GroupID
  • Your tracking link

I Can't Find My Confirmation Email

If you can't find your order confirmation email, there may be a few reasons:

  • Your order may still be processing
  • It may have landed in your spam or junk folder  :(   Please check there.
  • You may not have added your email address to the order
  • You may have used another email address for your order
  • The email address you used when you bought the lamps may be incorrect.
  • Your order was not placed successfully due to a transactional error.

If you send us your order number via the contact form we should be able to help you further. If you don’t have your order number please send us through the email address and the full name you used when purchasing the lamps and we should be able to locate your order.

I Have Issues Processing My Order


If you have any problems at the check out such as:


  • Unable to change the product quantity 
  • Having problems processing the payment
  • Or just can’t complete your order for some reason


Try clearing out your browsing data or using an alternative browser, if you still experiencing issues please contact us via this form or a live chat available on our website. 



Need some tracking help?  Please see our page on "Tracking your order"