How to go back to the setup mode

To go back to the setup mode, you will need to gently touch the top sensor pad for 3-5 minutes.  It will cycle through the colors multiple times and finally settle on a dim red.  If need be, you can turn off your router, unplug your lamp and then plug it back in.  It should go blue and then dim red.

Why is my lamp dim red?

If your lamp is dim red, it means it is not connected to the WiFi or to any Group and will need to go through the setup to connect to your Group and connect to the WiFi.

However, now that you are in the setup mode, you can begin or restart the setup process using our LuvLink App Setup Guide.

Just email us if you need help.  Please choose "Lamp Troubleshooting', add your GroupID and MAC IDs of your lamps and summarize your issue.  This will help us identify the problem and make sure you're lamps are working perfectly! :)

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