The Color Codes of the Friendship Lamp

The lamp lets you know what it is doing by showing you any of the following colors:

Dim Blue - I am just turning on and connecting

Dim Red - I am unable to connect to the WiFi and would like to be set up

Dim Purple - I am downloading and installing an update.  Just wait until I'm swirling green and ready to go!

Dim Orange - Connected to WiFi and not to the internet

Swirling Green - I am connected and ready to go!

Dim Yellow - Awaiting approval from your group.

Is your lamp stuck on a color?

  • If your lamp is swirling green, but not connected to other lamps in your group - just follow these GroupID steps.
  • If your lamp is yellow, please contact the Admin (the first person who setup the Group) and when they approve your lamp, you're ready to go!

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