Help! My Friendship Lamp is stuck on purple!

When your Friendship Lamp is stuck on purple, it means it is updating.

But, if it seems to be updating for awful long time, you can do something to help it move forward.

We'd recommend that you use the LuvLink App to set up your lamps.  To begin the process, the lamp will need to be in the dim red setup mode and to help with the issue, we are going to test the lamp on a mobile hotspot and then revert back to your home WiFi.  

Please follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your WiFi at the router, unplug and plug the lamp. It should turn blue and then dim red.
  2. Please follow the App setup and connect the lamp to a mobile hotspot rather than your normal home WiFi.
  3. If the lamp connects to the mobile hotspot, please turn your home WiFi on again (and turn your hotspot off) and try to connect the lamp to your WiFi.

That's it! 

Need further help?  You can reach us via our Chat widget or email us here. 

If you are at College or using a public WiFi, and your lamp is purple, please see our page on connecting your lamp at College.

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